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Organization, Personnel and International Management

Department of Business Administration


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Fabel

International Personnel

o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Vetschera

Organization & Planning

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Windsperger

International Management



Thursday, 23. November 2017

Vorverlegung der Sprechstunde von Prof. Fabel

auf Di. 28.11.2017

Thursday, 5. October 2017

Prüfungseinsicht: Unternehmensführung II + EC: Modulprüfung Unternehmensführung

Prüfungseinsicht für die Prüfung vom 28.9.17 findet nächsten Mittwoch, dem 11.10.17, von 11:00 bis 12:00 Uhr im Raum 04.627 (4.Stock, Seite Berggasse) statt.

Bitte für die Einsicht bei Frau Keuschnigg,...

Tuesday, 26. September 2017

Office hours: Prof. Vetschera

Prof. Vetschera's office hours this week are as follows:

Thursday, 28.09.2017, 11:00-12:00

Tuesday, 29. August 2017

Office hours: Prof. Vetschera

Prof. Vetschera will not be holding office hours in the first two weeks of September. So if you need something please make use of the office hours this week, 30.08.17.

Office hours will resume September 20th.

In urgent matters,...

Tuesday, 18. July 2017

KFK mündliche Prüfungstermine (Prof. Fabel - Personalmanagement)

Mi. 29.11.2017 10:30

Mi. 17.01.2018 10:30

Bitte schreiben Sie - allerspätestens eine Woche vor dem Termin -  ein email an opim.bwl@univie.ac.at, wenn Sie einen der beiden Prüfungstermine wahrnehmen wollen.


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Wednesday, 19. October 2016

Common Faculty Calendar

Beginning from the Winter Semester 2016/17, academic employees as well as students have an opportunity to keep an eye on scientific and teaching events, which take place at our Faculty.

Such an opportunity had been implemented...

Friday, 17. June 2016

The 2016 ISoF Best Graduate Student Paper Award

presented to Ilir Hajdini

Monday, 6. June 2016

Certificate for the successful event organization of the 18th COPE

The City of Vienna, in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chambers and the Vienna Convention Bureau, issued Prof. Fabel and his team a certificate for the successful event organization of the 18th Colloquium on...

Tuesday, 26. April 2016

Editors’ Award for Excellence in Reviewing

presented to Prof. Vetschera

Thursday, 21. April 2016

TNC 2016

The Negotiation Challenge


The Negotiation Challenge wurde von Dr. Remiguisz Smolinski und Dr. Peter Kesting 2007 als erster internationaler Verhandlungswettbewerb in Europa gegründet. Die Hauptidee hinter The Negotiation...

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