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Bachelor Business Administration/International Business Administration Curriculum 2014

*  courses from other departments *S - summer term *W - winter term

Bachelor BA/I-BA Curriculum 2014ECTSSW
Core Phase
VO ABWL Unternehmensführung I (registration for exam via uspace)3XX
UE ABWL Unternehmensführung II3XX


BA Specialization Phase - Occupational Field "Management and Consulting"ECTSSW
Required Modules (16 ECTS)
UK Organisationsstrukturen und Prozesse4XX
UK Personalmanagement4XX
UK Spieltheorie
VO Strategy
UE Repetitorium zu VO Strategy
Elective Modules (8 ECTS)
FK IM: International Negotiations (BA)4X
UK Organization of the International Firm4XX
VK Corporate Social Responsibility of the International Firm4X
SE IM: International Negotiations (for Bachelor Students)4X


I-BA Specialization Phase - "Specialisation International Business"ECTSSW
Compulsory Courses (20 ECTS)
UK Organization of the International Firm4XX
Business Communication in the Second Foreign Language I & II
Elective Courses (4 ECTS)
FK IM: International Negotiations (BA)4X
SE IM: International Negotiations (for Bachelor Students)4X
VK Corporate Social Responsibility of the International Firm4X

Master BA/I-BA Curriculum 2016

B.1.4.1 Organization and Personnel I (20 ECTS)ECTSSW
Recommended Courses
Management I2XX
Management II
Entscheidungs und Spieltheorie
Mandatory Course (20 ECTS)
KU Contracts, Coordination and Incentives4X
KU Organisation Theory I4X
KU Personnel Economics I4X
SE Seminar in Organisation and Personnel4XX
KU Organisationssoziologie I


B.1.4.2 Organization and Personnel II (20 ECTS)ECTSSW
Recommended Prerequisite
Organization and Personnel I
Mandatory Course (12 ECTS)
KU Data Analysis on Organisation and Personnel4XX
KU Organisation Theory II4X
KU Personnel Economics II4X
Elective Courses (8 ECTS)
KU Arbeitsmarktsoziologie
KU Industrie- und Betriebssoziologie
VO Arbeits-, Organisations- und Wirtschaftspsychologie
SE Anwendungsseminar Organisations- und Wirtschaftspsychologie
KU Game Theory and Industrial Organisation


B.1. International Management (20 ECTS)ECTSSW
Recommended Courses
Mandatory Course (4 ECTS)
VO Theory of the International Firm4X
Elective Courses (16 ECTS)
KU Governance of International Firms4XX
KU Global Strategy4X
KU International Market Entry4X
KU Organisation and Human Resources in International Firms4X
KU International Accounting
KU International Marketing Management 1
KU International Trade Law
KU Transnational Commercial Law
Other courses, when approved by the competent body

PhD - Management

PhD - ManagementECTSSW
Core Program
DK Management Decision Making10X
Elective Program
DK Theory of Networks10X
SE PhD-Workshop: Scientific Paper Writing in Management and Economics4x
Research Seminar
SE PhD-M: Forschungsseminar des Fachbereichs BWL5XX
Preparatory Courses and Courses of interest
SE Forschungsprivatissimum: Topics of Organization, Controlling & Human Resources4xx

EC Global Corporate Management

EC Global Corporate ManagementECTSSW
Module Markets & Strategy (8 ECTS)
EK International Strategic Management4X
VK Market Entry Strategies4XX
Module Organization & Human Resources (7 ECTS)
EK Organization of the Firm (registration for exam via uspace)4X
VK Global Human Resources3XX



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